The Video Age: Time for a change?

Shot Off the Desk

goal-line-technology-wembleyAfter decades of contentious decisions, Fifa have finally bowed to pressure and introduced goal-line technology. From next season, every Premier League club will shell out around £250,000 to install their system and, on top of this, Fifa will demand a further £15,000 for its seal of approval. The critical argument that a lot of money is being spent on a system that will be used relatively rarely is hard to ignore. Realistically, how many times do we ask: ‘did it cross the line?’ in one season? However, the more pertinent question might be how many wrong offside calls and wrong red cards alter the entire course of games yet are easy to clear up with one instant replay.

To take a recent example, Bayern Munich could well have faced different opponents in last month’s Champions League final had the second leg of the quarter-final tie between Borussia Dortmund and Malaga…

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